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  加油!—Come on!


  很好!—Very good!


  学习无坦途。—There is no royal road to learning.

  光阴一去不复返。—Lose time is never found again.

  学习从不嫌晚。—It's never too late to learn.

  熟能生巧。—Practice makes perfect.

  不劳无获。—No pains, no gains.

  昨日不再来。—No one can call back yesterday.

  放弃就是失败。—To give up is to fail.

  百说不如一干。—Actions speak louder than words.

  有志者事竟成。—Where there is a will there is a way.

  一知半解很危险。—A little learning is a dangerous thing.

  苦尽甘来最是甜。—Sweet is pleasure after pain.

  学问无涯,人生有限。—Art is long, but life is short.

  不提问的人,是什么也学不到的。—He that nothing questions ,nothing learning.


  1、Good!  Very good!   Wonderful!  Excellent!

  2、I am pleased that you  have made so great   progress now. Thank you!很高兴看见你现在取得这么大的进步。谢谢你!

  3、Well done! Try to be  better next time, will you?


  4、What a beautiful writing! If only be more careful!多漂亮的书写呀!要是作业再仔细一点就好了!

  5、Well done! But would you please improve your


  6、I’m so glad to see your great progress in your


  7、Try again, I’m sure you will do better next time!


  8、“If only…!”, “How I wish…!”,

  “Would you please…?”, “I’m afraid you…”

  9、Would you please pay attention to …?请你注意……好吗?

  10、 I am sorry to see you didnot use your own head

  this time. Will you do it more carefully next time?我很遗憾,你这次作业没有使用自己的脑袋。下次作业认真思考,独立完成,好吗?

  11、If only your handwriting were better!要是你的字能写再工整点该多好啊!

  12、How I wish you did your homework allby

  yourself! I think you can.我多希望你能自己完成作业啊!我相信你能做到。

  13、I’m afraid you used Chinglish here,

  do you think


  14、If you write something which happened in the past,which tense should be used?当你描述过去发生的事时,该用哪种时态呢?

  15、如把“他已经去上学了。”这句话翻译成:“He have gone to school.”教师可用这样的批语:“Subiect is the third person,according to the agreement,which form of'have'should you use here?”(主语是第三人称单数,根据主谓一致原则,助动词have该用哪种形式好呢?)

  16、I've found your handwriting is better than

  before.Thank you!我已发现你的字变得比以前好了,谢谢你!

  17、 Excellent in spite of a few mistakes!You've made progress now.好极了,尽管有点小错,但你毕竟进步了。

  18、Don't lose heart!Failure is the mother of success.别灰心,失败是成功之母。

  19、Where there is a will,there is a way.有志者事竟成。

  20、Could you spend more time reading and reciting the text?在朗读和背诵方面,你多花些时间好吗?

  21、Would you please listen more attentively and carefully next time?下次,更认真、专心地听讲好吗?

  22、Please use the sentence structure that we have learned in this unit.请使用本单元学过的句型。

  23、You’re a very clevler and brotherhood boy, l like you very much. lf you listen carefully, l believe you will be interested in English. Work hard, and you won't let me downpointed,will you?你是一个非常优秀的孩子,我很看好你,好好努力,我相信你会喜欢英语并且不会让我失望的对吗?

  24、You're very good at maths and physics.You're just a bit weak in English.You can catch up with those students who are very good at English. I believe you!你的数学物理学的很棒,只是英语稍微薄弱一点,我相信你可以把英语赶上去的!


  Well-done、Well-written、It's very clever of you to do so

  You've done better than before、Keep on

  26、You've done well. Keep on and on.你做的很好,继续努力。

  27、You'd better be more careful,and pay more attention to your spelling!Work harder and you'll make much progress!

  28、I'm sorry you've made so many mistakes,but your handwriting is very good. I think you can do better if you work a little harder!

  29、I'm sorry to know you're failed in the exam,but you've done better than before,your classmates and I want to help you.Remember:failare is the mother of success.听到你这次考试没有考好我感到很遗憾,不过你比以前进步多了,同学和老师都会帮你的,记住:失败是成功之母嘛!

  30 I hope you'll be better tomorrow.相信明天一定会好的

  31、I know you're a brave boy. Don't be too sad. Everything will be fine. I'd like to help you.我知道你是一个很勇敢的孩子,不要伤心,一切都会好起来的,我乐意帮助你的。

  针对各种不同情况,用来表达赞扬和鼓励的类似批语还有:    “I'm so glad to see your great progress in your exercises.”(你的作业进步这么大,我真高兴!)

  “I'm pleased that you have made so great progress now .Thank you!”(很高兴看见你现在取得这么大的进步。谢谢你!)

  “Try again ,I'm sure you will do better next time!”(再努一把力!相信你下次会做得更好!)“Well done ! Try to be better next time, will you?”(真棒!争取下次更好,行吗?)

  对作业较差的学生,批评要注意艺术性和启发性,避免伤害学生的自尊心。英语中的委婉语和虚拟语气常可以用来表达带批评意义的指导,如“ If only……!”、“ How I wish ……!”、“ Would you please ……?”、“I'm afraid you ……”等等。我常用的这类批语有:“If only your handwriting were better! ”(要是你的字能写工整点该多好啊!)

  “How I wish you did your homework all by yourself! I think you can!”(我多希望你能自己完成作业啊!我相信你能做到。)

  “ I'm sorry to see you didn't use your own head this time. Will you do it all by yourself n ext time?”(我很遗憾,你这次作业没有使用自己的脑袋。下次作业独立完成,好吗?)

  “Would you please pay attention to……?”(请你注意……好吗?)

  “I'm afraid you used Chinglish here , do you think so?”(恐怕你在这儿用的是中国式英语,你说呢?)(“Chinglish ”是“Chinese English”的幽默说法)




  good Job.干得好

  not bad。不错



  work hard next time.下次要努力

  Take your homework seriously!请认真对待你的作业!


  Would you please pay attention to your handwriting?(请你注意书写好吗?)

  I'm sorry to see you didn't use your own brain this time.Would you do it all by yourself next time?(我很遗憾,你这次作业没有动脑筋。下次作业独立完成,好吗?)

  How Iwish your handwriting were better!(我多么希望你的字能写工整点啊!)

  How beautifulyour handwriting is!If only you were more careful!(多漂亮的书法啊!要是作业再仔细点就好了。)

  Well done!Pay attention to your handwriting,won't you?(做得很好!请注意你的书写好吗?)

  I'm so glad to see that you have made so great progress in your exercises.”(很高兴看见你作业取得这么大的进步。)

  Could you spend more time reading and reciting the text?(在朗读和背诵方面,你多花些时间好吗?)

  Would you please listen more attentively and carefully next time?(下次,更认真、专心地听课好吗?)

  Please use the sentence structure that we have learned in this Unit.(请使用本单元学过的句型。)

  But don't lose heart!Failure is the mother of success.(别灰心!失败是成功之母。)

  The thing that matters is not whether you fail,but is whether you try.(关系重要的事不是你是否失败了而在于你是否尝试了。)

  Where there is a will,there is a way.(有志者事竟成。)“I've found your handwriting is better than before.Thank you!”(我已发现你的字比以前好了,谢谢你!)

  Excellent in spite of a few mistakes!You have made progress now!(棒极了!尽管有点小错,但你已经进步了!)

  Try hard!继续努力。


  Good!/Great!/Wonderful /Excellent/ Perfect!很好。


  You  care.

  Beautiful  work !

  You’ve done a good job.

  Great! Your English is very good and your answers are right.


  You  are  making  progress.

  You can do better now than you did before.


  Come  on !

  I’m sure you can do your homework better next time.


  Your  handwriting is so beautiful . Can  you  try  hard for  your homework ?或者说:Super !Try to be better  next  time ! /Try  again , I’m sure you  will do  better  next time ! / Looking  good ! / Now you  are flying !

  对于作业较差的学生,批评时要注意艺术性和启发性,避免伤害学生的自尊心。在发现有的同学作业马马虎虎的时候,我们可以在写批语的时候写上这样的句子:If  you  can  write  carefully , Your homework  will  be  better . I  think  you  can.

  抄作业的情况:“I’m sorry  to  see  that you can’t  use  your  own  head  to  finish  your  homework . If  you  feel  hard  to  finish  your  homework , you  can  ask  me .  I  will  help  you .Will  you  do  it  all by  yourself  next  time ?

  上次批评过那个抄别人作业的同学,我发现他能自己独立完成作业了,我也替他开心,因此,这次我给了他这样的批语:“Great ! You  can  do  homework  by  yourself  now . I’m  very  happy . Try  again. ”

  或I’m very happy to see your progress. Wonderful!

  有些学生经常犯拼写错误,一个个批改费力又费时,且没有必要,然而又不可视而不见,这时你可批注:What a pity! Your work is quite good except for a few spelling mistakes.

  如果个别学生因课堂不注意听讲而犯了不该出现的错误,在作业中可以给予劝告:You should have done well, but you didn’t listen carefully in class, what a pity!

  对于基础差的学生,批语要多鼓励。如:Although you make lots of mistakes, I love your handwriting. Next time you can do it better, I believe in you.

  对于基础较好的学生,批语要有表扬,更要有激励,提出更高要求,促使他们更大进步。如:You’ve walked far in study and you can walk further! Work harder, you’ll be a top student.

  针对中等生的批语应慎重,他们往往是大错不犯,小错不断,批语中要多一点严厉和鞭策。如:Little by little one goes far. If you don’t work hard, you’ll fall behind others. Do you hope so? If not, what should you do? I hope to see you make progress.

  对中等生或后进生则要抓住优点,用略为夸张的感叹句进行肯定和赞扬并顺带提出希望。如:“Well done! But would you please improve your handwriting?”又如:“Try again, I’m sure you’ll do better next time!”

  曾经批评过某生的书法,后发现其有所进步,我立即给予表扬:I’ve found your handwriting is better than before. Very good!

  对字迹工整、认真但作业却有错,或是作业基本正确但书写不够工整、认真的学生,可给他这样的批语:  “What a beautiful handwriting! If only be more careful!”(多漂亮的书法呀!要是作业再仔细一点就好了!)

  “Well done !But would you please improve your handwriting?”(做得很好!再设法改善一下你的书法怎么样?)





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